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After the 1967 decriminalization of homosexuality in the United Kingdom, Governor Murray MacLehose supported gay rights. As a British colony Hong Kong’s criminal laws were initially a reflection of British law, but during the 1970s and 1980s, there was a public debate and as a result, in 1991 private, non-commercial homosexual relations were decriminalized. However, gay and bisexual persons in Hong Kong may still face legal challenges.


We document abuses based on gender identity, including killing, arrests under unjust laws, censorship, discrimination in health and housing, abuses against children and recognition, constantly working for a world where all people can enjoy their rights.


Breakthrough as Hong Kong recognizes same-sex partnerships

From now on, the director of immigration will consider an application from a person who has entered into a same-sex civil partnership, same-sex marriage or opposite-sex civil union outside Hong Kong, if the person meets the immigration requirements. Hong Kong will for the first time recognize overseas same-sex partnerships the government announced, and the new policy was welcomed by advocates. There should be “reasonable proof”, “no known record to the detriment of the applicant”, and the sponsor must be “able to support the dependant’s living” and “provide him/her with suitable accommodation”, according to a government statement.


Cuba’s most famous transgender drag queen, Imperio, provided a message to Donald Trump in an interview: “Lift the embargo”.

“Thankfully, it was because of the support of a woman back then that […] helped me push for it,” she said. After a dynamic performance, Imperio left up the stairs from the side of the stage towards a smoky room with security and spoke to the journalist about what it was like being a transgender person in Cuba, giving her opinions on a range of important issues, but without allowing pictures to be taken. Imperio says that it’s not difficult to be trans in Cuba, because it’s permitted, although the nation does not currently provide funding for those seeking transition surgeries.


Gay rugby player Kenneth Macharia has made his home in UK but now his life might be in danger

Kenneth Macharia arrived legally in 2009, studying as an engineer, living near his mother in Bristol, and later working at the city’s LGBTQ+ inclusive rugby team. Only the grant of asylum will keep him there, and societal consent to persecute LGBTQ+ individuals regularly drives inhabitants to seek it in political climates where freedom of expression is granted. He’s been acting as the team’s first aider and avid supporter, but his work visa expired in 2016, and his sexuality led him to fear persecution in Kenya.


Harmful Gender Identity Resolution passed as an “unscientific ‘liberal ideology,’”

Children who express a deeply felt gender identity would be especially vulnerable, so the Ontario provincial government would be wise to embrace the full spectrum of gender identity. The leader of Ontario, Doug Ford, has said that the government will ignore the resolution which advocates removal of the promotion of gender identity theory from the school curriculum, and a majority of party delegates passed it.

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